Customised Badges are one of our most popular products. They are inexpensive and versatile and can be personalised to suit any occasion. They are supplied with a pinned back which can be easily attached to your clothing.

For smaller children (usually below the age of 36 months) we also have a pinless safety clip, although this can be used on request for any badge.

If you prefer not to attach the badge to clothing, then we also have the option to place the badges on a ribbon lanyard. The badge can then be worn around the neck like a medal. For this style of ribbon badge we would really recommend using the larger 75mm badge designs.

Traditionally the badges are usually circular in shape. We supply most of our badges in this shape. There are however the options to have then in different diameters. 45mm, 57mm and 75mm.

customised badges

Badges for all occasions

Choice of shape

We also supply badges in rectangular and heart shapes. Most of the customised badges designs that are available in circular format are also available in these newer shapes, and in ribbon badge styles.

Our button badge are easy to personalise, so whatever your event we can produce a design and colour scheme that will suit you colour scheme or send out the required message. To help you decide on what you want, we have grouped together a set of design ideas in different categories. These are meant only as ideas to get you thinking about the sort of designs that you might need. You can of course choose one of these styles or just base your own idea on them and amend it to suit.  Just tell us what you require - the design, the text a- and of course how many and we can respond with a price for your personalised order.

But Badges are not the only thing we supply for your party or event.

We also supply

  • customised sashes
  • rosettes
  • lanyards and
  • wristbands

So why should you entrust us with your order ?

Well, there are several good reasons

Quick Delivery

Once the design and text requirements have been finalised and payment made, then we aim to despatch all orders within 24 hours. So even if you have left it very late, you can still get a personalised badge order.

Well Established

We are a small family company that has been successfully trading in the personalised partywear market for almost 20 years. We have many repeat on-line customers and corporate customers, who buy from us on a regular basis.

Great Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and customer service. We produce all the badges, rosettes, printed ribbon and sashes ourselves, using the best materials that we are able source.

Not just Badges

You can also order other personalised items for your party when you visit our web sites. We have rosettes, custom printed sashes, lanyards, wristbands as well as a range of off the shelf non-customised products.

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