Birthday Badges

birthday badgesPersonalised Birthday Badges

Every Birthday is a special one for someone- but perhaps some are more special than others. As we get older, every birthday is an achievement and deserves to be celebrated. So, let's talk birthday badges !

Key Birthdays

Certain years are what would be classed as milestones, which means for example in 2019 and 2020 that a 1969 birthday or 1970 birthday would be celebrated by 50 year-olds-to-be.  Similarly, a 1979 birthday or 1980 birthday badge would be ideal for the new 40-year olds. 60- and 70-year olds who reach their milestone in the coming months would equally be keen to find 1959 birthdays, 1960 birthdays and 1949 and 1950 birthdays. Our rainbow birthday badges can be designed either to just show 40 Today, 50 Today etc. And of course, you can also add their name. Or you could opt for something like ‘Made in 1949’, ‘Made in 1950’, ‘Made in 1959’, ‘Made in 1960’ or indeed any year that you want!   Of course, it doesn’t have to be a milestone birthday, so if it’s a 64th birthday then we have that as well.

For the younger end of the age spectrum then 18, 21 and 30-year-old birthday badges are very popular. Again a ‘Made in 200x’ option is available.

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Birthday Badges for everyone

If you want something more suitable for a family event, then you can have messages such as ‘Best Big Sister’ or ‘Best Little Brother’ on the badges.  To promote your own birthday in the most direct way with a message such as ‘It’s my birthday today’ or alert them to the coming event with ‘It’s my Birthday tomorrow’ or ‘Tomorrow is my birthday’.  For many years sour most popular birthday badges have been from our Rainbow Badge range. These have a rainbow background, with for example a coloured purple star and then the Age. These are still available from us in a range of sizes. We also now have the badge in the centre of a rosette with rainbow ribbon.  Other ribbon colours are also available. However, the rainbow rosette and badge does make an ideal colour combination.

Our badges are not just circular. We also have them in a heart shape or ion a rectangle. And of course, our circular badges are not just in one size. There are 3 – from 45mm- 75mm diameter.

Hen Nights

Equally our personalised badges are not just for birthdays.

Hen Nights and Stag Nights are very popular occasions when you can wear your personalised pin badges. If you want to make it a special badge, then why not have a photo badge. Just send us your photo when you place the order. If you have a lot of guests on your hen night, then you might prefer our hen party name badges. Here you can choose your design and add individual names. You can then select your own or one of our standard hen night badges. It could be a hen badge design for the Bride and may be a chicken badge design for the rest of the group. Or you might want something completely different or something very simple, such as text only.

For other occasions – funeral badges, wedding badges or school badges are available.

If you are looking where to get your personalised badges, or you can’t see exactly what you require – then just give us a call. We are here most days until late.