Occasions – Personalised Badges, Rosettes and Sashes


What kind of event are you celebrating ?

Our personalised badges are suited to wide range of events.
The most popular are hen and stag nights, followed by birthdays.
Our badges are also widely used for schools, or to celebrate the lives of loved ones at funerals and memorial services or to celebrate the impending arrival of babies at baby shower parties.


Our badges are a great option for the hen nights. We can easily add the individual names of all the girls on the night out to individual badges. Just tell us the main message that you want to have on the badge and send us a list of attendees. If you want to add a photo of the |Bride then just email us a good resolution jpeg and we can add it to the badge.



Circular badges in the larger 57mm or 75mm size are the most popular sizes for the stag nights. We can colour co-ordinate the badge to any scheme that you have for the night. It could be a club colour or themed to match a fancy dress that you might be using. Just email all the details of what you require and we can do the rest.


Birthday badges can be small and discrete or they can be supplied on the larger badge sizes. It's up to you and type of party that you are planning. If you want to have the age on the badge, then there are several designs. Equally for some parties you might not wish to overtly advertise the age. In this case we can produce a more general birthday badge without the age.


Badges are a popular way of showing support for family members and of celebrating the lives of loved ones, friends or colleagues at funerals and memorial services. We can personalise the badges with a photograph if required.  We can usually have all orders for funeral badges ready for despatch within 24 hours of receiving the order.


If you organising a baby shower party for a new mother-to-be then you might wish to create a party atmosphere by choosing a design of personalised badges for all the people attending the party. We can supply design in pink or blue, or if you don't know if it will be a boy or girl then we can do a neutral colour or a combination.

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Additional Products for your celebration

In addition to personalised badges, we also supply

  • Rosettes
  • Sashes¬†
  • Lanyards and
  • Wristbands.

All of these can be customised for hen nights, stag nights, birthdays, funerals, baby showers, competitions, awards, school events and much more.

There is no minimum order for any of our badges, rosettes or for our sashes. This means that you could order each of your items with a different personalised message if you wished.


personalised ideas

If you want to learn morte about our products - in particular in addition to the personalised badges - then these are all laid out on our main website.

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