Custom Made Badges

custom made badgesCustom Made Badges

Custom Made Badges can cover  a multitude of options. As far as we are concerned this refers to badges variously described as pin badges or button badges .

They comprise a bevelled metal front which is then covered by the choice of artwork. This is then protected by a plastic film. the back of the badge can be metal or plastic depending on the style and size.  the back then incorporates a metal safety pin so that the badge can be securely attached to clothing.   If the badges are for a child under the age of 36 months, or if you particularly want another attachment option then we have plastic clips.

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Various shapes

The traditional shape for button badges, as the name suggest is circular. We can supply these in 3 different diameters ranging from 45 through 57 to 75mm.   In addition we also have a range of rectangular badges and another range of heart shaped badges.

We also supply lanyards, which gives us yet another option, particularly for our larger 75mm badges.  these can be attached to a ribbon, which can be worn around the neck, like a lanyard. The badges is then attached to the ribbon so it can be worn like a medal. This also avoids the need to attach the badge to any garment. For your safety we put a breakaway safety connector in all our lanyards.

All you need to do now is select the design you want for the badge. This can be based on your own ideas or you can use one of our standard designs and just change the bits you want. Then choose the colours and text and leave the rest to us.

We can also incorporate a photograph into the design of the badge. All we need is a good quality photograph which you can upload to us on the ordering form.