Personalised Party Badges. Designed just for you

Personalised Party badges

Personalised party badges

There are many occasions when you might need personalised party badges.  In the many years we have been supplying badges, rosettes and sashes we have thousands of satisfied customers. These have been for  hen parties, birthdays, schools, corporate events, competitions, awards etc. During this time we've seen many and varied styles and messages. We know that there are still many more ideas, design styles and usages to which our personalised party badges can be put.

Our product range

We have developed our product range so that we don't just offer the traditional round badges. Although we do offer these in three different diameter sizes). We also have rectangular and heart shaped button badges. The novel shapes open up different opportunities for design and layout, as well as providing a novel and varied shape option.

Personalised party badges

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In house production

All our badges are produced by us in-house. We produce them on demand. So if you are really desperate for a quick delivery (and we all know how easy it is to overlook  items when a party is being planned) then we will do everything that we can to fit an urgent order into our production schedule. Combined with a choosing the next day delivery option at checkout and you could get the badges within 24 hours of ordering.

Sometimes there is a requirement to make one of the badge be a little more prominent than the others. For example the Bride or Stag or Birthday boy or girl.  This can easily be achieved by changing the size and shape the badge for just one of the badges. There is no surcharge for this.

You could of course opt for another solution from our party range.  We also produce a great varied range of rosettes and sashes. These could be used to supplement the use of the badge. Or, in the case of the rosettes, then the centre of the rosette is the badge, so the outer layers of ribbon just make it more prominent due to its larger size and extra colour.


Personalised party badges
Personalised party badges
Personalised party badges